Start Over Rover runs "Fur-Lough" special on dog adoptions

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Updated: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 11:00:16 CST

Making the best of a bad situation, a Hasting animal shelter has been offering a deal since day one of the government shutdown.

It's called the "Fur-Lough" special.

For each day the federal government is shut down, Start Over Rover is reducing the adoption fee for dogs over 6 months of age by $5.

They said they'd keep going until dogs were free or the government started back up again, because it's a good deal for animals looking to go to new homes.

"If it opens tomorrow, if apps come in tomorrow, they would probably still honor the special tomorrow," Start Over Rover's Anne Halbert said Wednesday night.

The animals at Start Over Rover stay there until they're adopted; some have been there a year.

Not to be left out, cats are also on a special, at $25 through October.