State Fairgoers enjoy "A Day at the Track"

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:32:46 CST

Last year there were nearly 2,000 train and motor vehicle collisions across the country. Sunday at the State Fair Grand Island's Community Youth Council was working to cut that number down. Kids of all ages were enjoying A Day At The Track. Track: With everything from crafts to a lifesize board game, Grand Island High Schoolers are making sure Nebraskans stay safe. "Nebraska is a huge railroad state with the Union Pacific," said Kennedy Martinez. Kennedy says the Community Youth Council decided to focus on railroad safety as avoidable accidents continue to happen. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there have already been 3 railroad fatalities in Nebraska this year. One way to prevent these accidents? Staying off the tracks. "When is it okay to be on railroad property? Always, it's a public area? Never, it's a private area? It's never. It's a private area," said Regan Dimmitt. Young fairgoers were asked to answer questions like these as they learned all about trains and the railroad. And with tracks all over Central Nebraska, they don't need a lesson on how to know when the train is coming. "Red lights come on and usually the barricades come down," said Nathan. After playing the lifesize Rainbow Railroad and answering some tough questions, these smart kids left the fair knowing how to play it safe. "About not jumping on the train," Glen said. "When a train is going by never get too close to it so you don't get run over by it," said Emma. "You should never play on the train tracks," said Nathan.