Summer sun brings increased visitors to Hastings Aquacourt

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Updated: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:28:03 CST

Last week's cooler temperatures forced area swimming pools to stay closed, but the heat wave ahead may help make up for lost business.

Hastings Aquacourt was closed last Wednesday and Friday due to unseasonably cold weather.

Policy requires temperatures over 70 degrees when the pool opens at noon.

Ryan Martin, Recreation Superintendent with Hastings Aquacourt says cooler days keep swimmers away.

"Last week with having a couple days closed was very reminiscent of last summer with a lot of days closed. We try our best to stay open." Said Martin.

"We'll go to the actual parks instead, but not the water parks because it's too cold." Said Michael Metteer, swimmer.

Attendance numbers averaged at just about 750 people per day.

With the return of the hot sun this weekend, numbers are already on the rise and they expect some days ahead to reach over 1,000 visitors.