Sunday Six (8/11/13)

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:33:01 CST

Now it's time for our weekly look at some outstanding plays and special moments. We call it the ABC Seamless Siding Sunday Six which always brings us to the edge of our seats. We start our Sunday Six in a place not too many sports highlights or any other highlights come from-Havana, Cuba. This is Jhoen Lafont breaking his own Guiness book of world record bouncing a soccer ball off his head 1,503 times while in the pool. That's 300 more times than his previous mark. Let's go to Philadelphia and a wicked rain delay this week. As the crew is putting the tarp on the field, one of them got stuck underneath. He found his way out of the darkness before the tarp was put down. Now to the turnabout if fair play department. Ian Desmond of the Washington Nationals makes a terrific play bare handed to rob Atlanta's Mike Minor of an infield hit after a strong throw to first. Soon Desmond himself was up to bat. His bid for a basehit was taken awy by some highway robbery by Dan Uggla. The most popular breed of fish in Anaheim these days is Trout. Mike Trout, not a fish but an outfielder for the Angels. This Angel in the outfield makes yet another superstar catch robbing Engle Beltre of certain nextra bases. Yet another web gem happened this week in Cleveland. Watch Jason Kipnis of the Indians make an acrobatic play to get to the ball and then throw the hitter Andy Dirks of the Tigers out at first. What do you have to do to get a basehit these days? No matter, the Tigers swept four games from the Tribe. That is our look at yet another of our ABC Seamless Siding Sunday Six.