Sunday Six (8/18/13)

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:35:40 CST

Alright, let's put a bow on the week in sports. Here's the ABC Seamless Siding Sunday Six. We start in the MLB. It's been a rough year for my Giants. But Brandon Crawford is looking glovely here. Diving catch to rob the Nationals Bryce Harper. The young phenom ...none too thrilled. We stick with the big leagues although i use the term VERY loosely. Here Toronto's Rajai Davis hits a come backer off Jon Lester who then promptly throws it away. So what's Davis do? He keeps on running all the way to third where the throws hits him and scoots away. So Rajai why don't you come on down? There you have it - a little league home run in the majors. Here's a play that no one likes to see in any league. The Royals Danny Duffy throws a heat seeker right to Jose Iglesias' family jewels. Is that ball three? Kids, that right there, is why you where a cup. OW!!! One replay is more than enough. The Bears drafted Jon Bostic as the heir apparent to Brian Uralcher And he's letting chargers Mike Willie know ...I'm here. Absolutely levels him forcing the fumble. Resident Bears fan Lauren Conley hoping there is more where that came from. Money, money, money, money. How about this... Ball State Freshman Markus Burden earned an entire semester of free tuition by sinking a half court shot. I think that's going to beat the "hey where are you from" conversation starter in the dorms. Finally tonight, I don't believe Zach Hodskins is familiar with the word 'no.' The Atlanta Area high school senior born without a left forearm and hand earning a preferred walk on spot at the University of Florida from Gators Head Coach Billy Donovan. He can stroke it. He's got handle. Congrats to him and big props to Coach Donovan for the gesture.