Tales from the ghosts of Hastings past

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Updated: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 03:27:10 CST

Hundreds are buried at Hastings' Parkview Cemetery. But for one weekend, once a year, a few special souls come to life to tell their story.

"Well I too was one of those childhood sweethearts brought back to Hastings by the young pioneers in the early years," said Cassius Millet. 

From Mrs. Cassius Millett, mourning the loss of her grocer husband killed in his store, to C.J. Balcom, a policeman who patrolled Hastings' rail yards until he was shot in the line of duty.

"After that the Marshall made sure to have everybody have formal firearms training in the Hastings Police Department," said Balcom. 

Just two of six, these Hastings residents don't just share their own stories, but they tell the tale of how Hastings transformed from the wild, wild west...

"My hope is to enhance our lives of refinement in such a way as to make this growing green city of the plains more comfortable to its residents and even more alluring to newcomers," said Daniel Crane, a farmer and real estate developer.

...To a sophisticated town.

"I envision a crowning jewel upon the prairie. Bedazzled with cultural and public opportunities," said Mary Oliver, a Hastings socialite. 

For now these long gone Hastings residents await your arrival, so they can impart their wisdom of the 1880's.  But, they won't be around for long.

"Well it's about time for my dinner. Good. Night," said Crane. 

For more information on the third annual Adams County Cemetery Walk going on this weekend, including times and the cost, visit the Adams County Historical Society website