Teaching in the family

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Updated: Wed, 05 Mar 2014 10:01:23 CST

Many families hand down ownership of a family business, whether it's a restaurant or a shop. But one Kearney family is handing down the power of education.

Teaching has become the family business the Carson family. DJ Carson is a 6th grade Science and Math teacher with Kearney public schools. Teaching runs in his blood. It started with his great grandmother, his mother and her two sisters followed in those same footsteps. DJ says he was inspired by his mother, Maggie Carson. She teaches at Sunrise Middle School.

"Seeing how she affected other kids and other kids always coming to me and saying...I love being in your mom's class she's so fun, I learn a lot...just things like that really kind of got me started in thinking I think it would be cool to be like my mom to teach like my mom and have such a positive influence on young adults," said DJ Carson.

"Then when he was a senior he broke the news to mom and said I want to become a teacher and of course I said you're so smart you're so intelligent go into the medical field...but this is where his passion was," said Maggie Carson.

DJ has been teaching at the middle school for 2 years. His brother Robert is a teacher education major at UNK. Kearney has other family duos. The family traditions don't end there in the Kearney public school district. The mother/son duo of, Judy and Jeff Shield work for the school district. As well as mother and daughter, Kathy and Tannille Gifford.