Thai Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans in Coconut Basil Sauce

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By Pat McCoy


Updated: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 01:57:45 CST

It's summer and now we're really starting to get all of the wonderful vegetables out of our garden. You're always looking to do something with them that's different. Today I'm going to make a sweet potato and green bean dish and it is from Thailand. So we're ready to start putting together our dish. So the first thing we're going to do: we're going to add two tablespoons of the red curry paste. Now if you don't like your food exceptionally spicy, and I don't use spicy, you don't like a lot of heat, you might not want to use the full amount. So I'm taking my curry paste and then I'm adding two tablespoons of coconut milk. And this is the light coconut milk. What they've done is taken the coconut fat out of it. Um, coconut milk has a wonderful rich flavor. It's not coconut, real heavy in coconut, and it's not real sweet like the coconut you're used to in baking but I really like the texture and depth that it adds to food. So we're going to put this on in a saucepan and we're just next mix the curry paste and the coconut milk together until they dissolve. Now we're going to add a cup of coconut milk to the curry mixture. Just going to blend this together. We're going to let it simmer for 30 seconds to a minute. We're already seeing it come up to a simmer. Now I'm going to add my cubed sweet potatoes and this is about one pound of sweet potatoes. And we're going to blend the sweet potatoes in to the coconut milk mixture until they're coated. Now I'm going to increase the heat and bring the potatoes mixture to a boil and we're going to cook it for about 3 minutes. Now we're going to add a cup of water to this. And then we're going to cook the sweet potatoes for another 5 minutes. Just to the point where they start getting tender. Our sweet potatoes are nice and fork tender. So we're going to add green beans and I snip these in half just to make them more bite size and in proportion to the sweet potatoes. In Thai cooking, they use lime leaves and because we don't have the lime here that they have, just some good zest of the lime will be a reasonable substitute you can buy the lime leaves in oriental grocery stores frozen and it makes a huge difference in the density of the flavor in your Thai dishes. Then we're going to add Thai basil. Now Thai basil is a little bit smaller than the Italian basil, packed with flavor. I like to put it in whole and pull it out after cooking because basil tends to turn black when you're cooking it and can kinda take away from the appearance. So I've added the lime, the basil, we're going to finish off with the rest of the coconut milk and then let this simmer for five more minutes. So our green beans are nice and tender crisp. I'm just going to taste the, oh that's nice but I think it could add some more heat and here we go. Now there's still a lot of liquid in this so if you see that, if I would make this again, I would cut back the liquid, and I did the recipe called for and I would completely leave it out next time and just cook everything in coconut milk but still has a nice flavor and you could really taste that lime zest. We'll remove the base, Thai basil leaves. Thai Sweet Potatoes and green beans in a coconut basil sauce. For KHAS-TV, I'm Registered Dietitian Pat McCoy encouraging you to rediscover the joys of celebrating at home.