Three remain at large of 45 prisoners released early who still owe time

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Updated: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 02:25:25 CST

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services says of the 45 prisoners who were released early and still owe time, three remain at large.

Governor Dave Heineman's office issued a press release Wednesday regarding the 306 prisoners that were released early.

Forty five people still owe time, but not all of them will return to prison.

Twenty arrest warrants were issued, 12 are back in custody, three were previously deported, one is at the Norfolk Regional Center and one is dead.

The three at large have not yet been found.

Arrest warrants were not issued for the other 25 inmates. Many of them are enrolled or pending-enrollment for the re-entry furlough program, among other circumstances.

The update comes about two weeks after an investigation by the Omaha World Herald revealed the department had miscalculated the sentences of hundreds of prisoners since 1995.