Senate bills aim to change Nebraska tax system

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Updated: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 06:24:10 CST

Could Nebraskans soon see a change in their taxes?  After touring the state for weeks with the Tax Modernization Committee, Senator Galen Hadley has put forth three tax bills.

Despite pressure from the Governor, Senator Hadley said he would make deliberate and not dramatic changes to the state's tax system.

The first bill indexes tax brackets, making sure that someone who gets a cost of living raise is not moved into a higher bracket.

The second provides an income tax credit for lower income Nebraskans.

And the final bill addresses homestead exemption and what Senator Hadley says will make sure Nebraskans do not have to sell their homes because of property taxes.

"Some people have called them long hanging fruits and I won't disagree because they're not huge dollar amounts. But they're sending a signal, I think, that we took the tax modernization committee seriously and we'll start trying to make the changes that we need to make," said Senator Galen Hadley, District 37.

Senator Hadley says his hope is all three bills will lower taxes for low income families and keep them in their homes.