Tim Miles-Nebraska Basketball Coach Talks of Season

Husker Basketball Starts November 8th

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Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 10:55:55 CST

In year one under Tim Miles ...the Nebraska basketball team made some strides... winning three more games than the previous season ...while finding themselves in competitive contests in tough big ten road venues

Like Michigan and Michigan State

Now it's on to year two for Coach Miles

Breaking in a brand new, state of the art arena

With some heightened expectations

Which coach , more than welcomes

"I know year two is difficult. Here's why year two is always difficult as a coach, from what I have found. It always feels like we are way better than we were year one and we rarely perform like that. It's more of a frustrating experience that way. I know that in my other four stops, three of them, it's happened that way. I don't know what's going to happen. We might make the jump. I'm not worried about tempering fans expectations. We should have expectations. That's something we want. If we don't have a program that builds expectations and has people saying what in the heck is going on sometimes, we're not doing it right."

Leslie Smith...sidelined recently ...with knee and hamstring issues

Nate Hawkins sustained a concussion ...but has been back at practice

Tim Wagner ...suffered a gruesome ankle dislocation and is out for the year

And prized recruit Tai Webster has missed four practices with a rolled ankle ...should be back soon