Timely Rain for Farmers

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Updated: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 09:09:14 CST

It's been two long years for local farmers like Mark Haskins of Doniphan.

Nebraska has dealt with drought conditions the last two years.

"A lot of times we're coming out of the winter time and its been dry just like this year and so it really does help to get some rain before planting," says Mark Haskins, farm owner in Doniphan.

Before Wednesday's rainfall, much of Nebraska was experiencing moderate drought conditions. Areas near Doniphan received a little over four inches of rain.

"We had some good moisture just below the surface but the surface was pretty dry and we did need some rain," adds Mark Haskins.

Severe weather season has arrived. Haskins says it's better to deal with storms early in the season rather than pay the price down the road.

Haskins also says, "Hail is not that big of a problem right now but once the crops are up of course then that's pretty bad. And tornadoes that's never good."

Nebraska still needs more rain to completely dig out of the drought, but farmers say this rain is a good start to planting season.