United Bowl Preview

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Updated: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 10:24:29 CST

Five years in the league,4 trips to the title game, and 3 championships.

The Sioux Falls storm, running roughshod through the Indoor Football League.

But they have a challenger nipping at their heels. The Nebraska Danger, back in the United Bowl for the second straight year.

And ...back for revenge

After falling to the storm 43 to 40

In last season's championship

Something that's stuck in their craw ever since

Last year left a bad taste in our mouth but it was a learning experience for a lot of our guys. They played their hearts out and both teams did and just to come up a little short, it was kind of the motivation for getting th guys back.

Being able to play against Sioux Falls again it is a benefit for me to be able to go out there and try and do what I can to try and make sure we win this game. Regardless of who it was I was just happy to be here.

Before the season started we had one goal in mind. That was to get back to the championship and what way to end the season in Sioux Falls home. It is going to be tough, we know it is going to be tough, we're going to almost have to play the perfect game but I just feel like it is one of those games whoever makes the most plays is going to come out the winner.