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UNK Lopers Look To Win Out

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Updated: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 11:05:12 CST

When he said his team's goal is to finish the season 6–5, UNK Loper football coach Darrell Morris wasn't kidding, and his team has a legitimate shot to win its final four games.

That would be quite a finish.

Of the four opponents left, just one has a winning record, South Dakota Mines at 4–3.

This week after a win over Lincoln University, the Lopers visit a 1–6 Southwest Baptist team down in Bolivar, Missouri.

After facing a gauntlet of good teams to start, there are victories out there to get.

"You know we believe it helps us a lot. We say that we sharpen our sword on a different stone than other teams because our competition is so good and we just believe that by playing these good teams it just gives us the experience to go up against these other teams and just play our hearts out and play well," said Loper linebacker Tyke Kozeal.

We don't have any nationally ranked teams on our schedule, we've got Central Missouri always a good football program, well coached but we've played five nationally ranked teams in seven weeks and we don't have another nationally ranked team on our schedule so that's got to be better than what we've gone through", said Loper football coach Darrell Morris.

Tyler McKeon made his first start at Quarterback and ran for 2 scores in last week's 24–14 win over Lincoln.

Coach Morris said both Bronson Marsh and Luke McNitt might be ready to play against Southwest Missouri this week.

It's anyone's guess who'll start at quarterback for the Lopers, but whomever does will have solid game experience.