UNK Lopers Show New Uniforms

Lopers Agreement with Under Armour For All Sports

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Updated: Mon, 04 Aug 2014 11:00:01 CST

Nebraska ...started practice tonight

But UNK...still has 10 days to wait

Until their fall practice begins

However, today ...the Lopers

Getting a little something extra to look forward to

News 5's Will Sherratt has more

"A football team that looks good, feels good about itself, will play better and we truly believe that."

A wardrobe update...in full effect for the UNK football team

As today ...the Loper's unveiling 3 brand new uniforms...in conjunction with their new partnership..with under armor

"It's a big change and it's a good one. I like the look, I like the tight fit of them. This year you won't be able to get held like you were last year."

"It's a new look and it's looking  pretty good and looking a lot better than last years."

In today's recruiting world ...facilities and apparel ...often play a role in a high school athletes decision

Head Coach Darrell Morris and his staff ...are hoping the new looks

Will help add to the appeal....to the program

"When you recruit the modern day student athlete the question will inevitably be asked who are you with, and they don't mean who is your wife, they mean what sports apparel company do you belong to and we can now say under armor and we have immediate credibility nationally."

The new threads ...give the Lopers 12 different uniform combinations, an improved look that they hope translates to improved play on the field.

"Definitely. There are a lot of things coming this year and this just happens to be one of them and so I am real proud to be apart of what we are doing here and taking this step forward."

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