UNK unveils University Village plans

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Updated: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 10:03:42 CST

400 million dollars. That's how much money is being invested into a new expansion project on the campus of University of Nebraska Kearney.

Today, plans for University Village were unveiled. It will be built on 104 acres of land on the western edge of the campus. The project could take 20 years to be fully complete. University Village will include new businesses, housing, parks and recreation. This is another move to help UNK and the surrounding communities grow.
"The university is successful when students live and interact, and the university is successful when the community can interact with the university.  The university is now a new opportunity for that interaction of students, community members, and we think business."
Construction could begin in 2015. University Village is expected to house 100-200 students to start... But will not be limited to student housing.