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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:33:13 CST

.The first of four finalists for the UNK Lopers Athletic Director is on campus today with the three others to visit Kearney in the coming days... Former Bemedji State AD Rick Goeb introduced himself and presided over a question and answer session at the student union. He had been AD at Bemejdi the past 13 years recently leaving tha position after a new president was appointed at the school. He also served time as AD at Alaska–Fairbanks and has been a college wreslting coach. He feels he has the experience and expertise to be the Lopers next AD. "It's always been a goal of mine that everyplace I've gone to I've made it better and that's the same with Kearney and I say you know what, that's the same way with Kearney. I look at Kearney and I say you know what I can step in and I can make the situation even better and you should be proud of what's been accomplished because that's been a lot accomplished and it's a great place." The next two candidates should be on campus next week with the four and final candidat the week after... Chancellor Doug Kristensen hopes to have his choice on or shortly after August 1st.