UPDATE: Body Found Behind North Platte McDonald's is 57 Year-Old Male

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Updated: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 11:48:18 CST

North Platte Police released a statement on Monday afternoon saying the deceased body is that of a 57 year-old male and there are no obvious indications that foul play is involved.

The body was found Sunday evening in a van parked in a vacant lot near McDonald's on South Dewey.

Sharon Daniel says she stops at the McDonald's daily and last week after going through the drive-thru spoke with the unidentified man.

"He just walked over to me and asked if I had a cigarette for him then he told me he had himself in a pickle, cause he had hurt himself and he couldn't do anything," said Daniel.

She says his van was parked underneath a tree near Taco Bell during their only encounter.

"He had a little dog, a little puppy. He had it on like a little rope and the little dog would play in the grass with sticks and stuff," said Daniel.

North Platte Police Spokesman Rodney Brown says the man who appeared to be living out of his van was from out of state and not a citizen of the community, making efforts more difficult to contact family members.

"People that tend to be more transient, to move about sometimes live out of their vehicle don't remain in constant contact with other around them. So it does prevent us from doing it in a quicker manner," said Brown.

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The North Platte Police Department continues to investigate a body found late Sunday night behind the parking lot of a McDonald's.

Officials say they were told of an unresponsive man lying behind the McDonald's parking lot shortly after 9:30 p.m. They say that body was outside of a Dodge Ram van with Oregon plates.

Officials are still trying to notify next of kin before they can release the man's name.

McDonald's employees say the van had been parked next door in the parking lot of Taco Bell for the past month. They say in the 24 hours before the body was found, the van was moved behind their restaurant.