Veterans Home bill headed to debate

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Updated: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 04:44:20 CST

The controversial Veterans Home bill is headed to the unicameral floor.

With a 5 to 3 vote LB 935 was voted out of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs committee.

In the past weeks the bill, sponsored by Grand Island Senator Mike Gloor, has hit one bump in the road after another.

Just days after the hearing, the Committee voted 4 to 3 *against* sending the bill to debate.

However, today was a different story.

Five Senators voted to move the bill out of committee; including Senator Jim Scheer, who changed his vote and Senator Scott Lautenbaugh who had not voted previously.

The bill does include an amendment removing the retroactive portion.

At this point it does not have the potential to change the Veterans Home decision, but once the bill hits the floor any one of the 49 Senators could make an amendment to add that portion back in.