Vets Home Bill faces uncertain future

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Updated: Thu, 09 Jan 2014 06:10:30 CST

Two days down, Fifty-eight to go for the 103rd legislature's second session.  Thursday marks day two at the State Capitol as Senators are putting the finishing touches on the bills they hope will pass this session.

And one stirring up some controversy is a bill that hits home for the Tri-Cities.

"This is probably one of the saddest bills that I've been involved in. One of the most frustrating also," said Senator Mike Gloor, District 35.

This session Senator Mike Gloor will introduce a bill that takes a look at the decision to move the Central Nebraska Veterans Home from Grand Island to Kearney.

"This whole process of having communities pitted, in this case in Central Nebraska, competing against each other for not a new entity that's being attracted into the state but pouring water from one bucket into another bucket," said Senator Gloor. 

And that's exactly why Senator Annette Dubas is already backing Senator Gloor and his bill.

"This is an entirely differently scenario. This is a facility that's been in a community for 125 years. That has been supported by the community, love by the community and the residents that live there. This is a community that stood to actually lose," said Senator Annette Dubas, District 34. 

But it could be an uphill battle for Senator Gloor's bill. Senator Les Seiler says he's yet to see the bill so it's impossible to show support either way. But he does have one concern already.

"I do have a little bit of a concern as to the constitutionality of it. Because you're taking legislative and taking away executive powers," said Senator Les Seiler, District 33.

The decision will be a difficult one for Senator Seiler, who represents constituents in both Hall and Adams County.  But what about the Senators who feel they don't have a dog in the fight?

"What I would say to those Senators is, this may be an issue that's impacting Grand Island and Kearney right now. Do you have a state owned facility?" asked Senator Dubas. 

Senator Gloor told News 5 he has a draft of the bill completed, but he has the first 10 days of the season to get everything hammered out.