Voter ID changes could be coming Nebraska's way

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Updated: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 10:09:07 CST

Voter identification laws continue to be a sticky subject in the US. Roughly 30 states have such laws in place—but Nebraska is not one of them.

On Thursday, the legislature’s Government, Military and Veterans Affairs committee heard testimony both in support and against voter identification changes. 

LB 662 pushes to provide and change requirements for voter identification. 

The bill would change such requirements for two of the groups most susceptible for fraud: first time voters who register by mail and voters who have moved and not provided confirmation. 

But could such changes lead to full fledge voter ID laws in the state?

"It has been very difficult to get to the place that we are right now, as you know, and it is the non-partisan based legislature that we have that has protected us in general from going down that slope," said Sen. Bob Krist, District 10.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Krist at the request of Nebraska’s Secretary of State John Gale.