Wait for Husker football is almost over

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:32:28 CST

It's been nearly 8 months since we've seen the Huskers on the field. And, thankfully, the wait is almost over. When the team takes the field on Saturday against the Wyoming Cowboys there will be plenty of fresh faces that both players, coaches, and fans alike are excited to see perform on the big stage. Happy game week everyone! How great does that sound? We're just five days away from the Husker kicking off the season against the Wyoming cowboys. Now, we've known all off season that there will be plenty of youth, especially on the defensive side of the ball for Nebraska this season. While many of those players have gotten rave reviews throughout fall camp, what really matters is how they play and perform when the lights come on on Saturday night "The key is getting them to understand to just take the things we are doing in practice and their approach, the same approach you take when you scrimmage. Don't make it bigger than it is. Football is football. These young guys, you know, defensively, offensively, they are playing against good football players every single day." "Im sure everybody going to be excited, especially the young guys. They haven't experienced it, so. You pretty much just tell them to calm down and just focus on what we practiced and everything will take care of itself." "Yea I expect a lot from them. Just going out there, hopefully knowing their plays. Hopefully they don't forget on the big moment. They have done a great job in practice and once they go out there, hopefully they stay intact and just go out there and play the game you love. That's what you came to college to play football for us and just go out there and have fun." "Every kid responds a little bit differently and for myself or our staff to ignore that, you're crazy. You address it. You talk to them about it and you just try to keep them in the moment. and understand you just have to execute. Now we know Nebraska has plenty of streaks going, specifically the 325 straight games they have sold out. But one you might not know they have also won 27 straight season openers, a streak they look to keep going on Saturday night against the Wyoming Cowboys, which is set for 7:00 pm.