Water Preservation in Nebraska

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Updated: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 09:13:23 CST

Water is one of Nebraska's most important natural resources. Today Governor Heineman signed the water sustainability bill into law.

LB 1098 was introduced by Holdrege state senator Tom Carlson. The bill creates the Water Sustainability Fund which aims to address water management, water quality, and flood control issues. The bill would also expand the Natural Resources Commission. Senator Carlson says the bill helps protect the natural resource for generations to come.

"Appropriate amounts from the water sustainability fund will be used to better hold back or capture water flowing through the state to be used in dry years we also need to address critical infrastructure to guard against damaging floods," said state senator Tom Carlson.

Senator Carlson says farmers should try growing with less water, and that the state should work towards increasing our supply of usable water.