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By Ginger ten bensel


Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 06:53:05 CST

With news of one inmate in the Hall County Jail being diagnosed with Tuberculosis... and 140 babies in a Las Vegas hospital being exposed to T–B this summer... some people are on high alert.

News 5's Ginger ten Bensel talks about TB... as well other illnesses... in this week's edition of "What's Going Around."

Community Health Nurse Katie Krecklow with the Central District Health Department in Grand Island spoke about tuberculosis.

She says keep a distance from anyone with an extremely bad cough.

Symptoms of the airborne disease include a bad cough lasting more than three weeks, chest pain, extreme fatigue, no appetite, night sweats and weight loss.  If you think you've been exposed to T–B ask your doctor for a blood test.

Also salmonella is in the news.

Hundreds of people in more than a dozen states are suffering from the outbreak of food poisoning associated with raw meat.

Symptoms last five to seven days... they include diarrhea, high fever and dehydration.

If you have the illness drink lots of water.  Children and senior citizens may need to be hospitalized.

Dr. Janice Kutilik with the Grand Island Clinic says she is seeing patients with allergies and asthma.

She says "beware the pumpkin patch."if you experience coughing and shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately...

Dr. Michael Johnson with the Hastings Family Practice followed up on that by saying keep your rescue inhaler with you and wear a mask.

Johnson says he is also seeing pink eye.

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With what's going Around... I'm Ginger ten Bensel... News 5.