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Updated: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 06:25:16 CST

Dr. Janice Kutilek with the Grand Island Clinic says that she admitted another child into the hospital with pneumonia.

The boy also has asthma and because of that there is more inflammation and more difficulty dealing with pneumonia too.

She also hospitalized a child with type A influenza.  The child came into the clinic with a temperature of one hundred and seven point three degrees.  This is the highest temperature Kutilek has ever seen.

She is also seeing patients dealing with vomiting, diarrhea and a fever.    The illness also comes with headaches, body aches.

Another thing that some Central Nebraskans are dealing with is Eczema.   That's because dry skin conditions are worse in the winter.

Good daily moisturizing is important. Some people may get small spots of skin irritations. This can be caused by something as simple as a detergent with perfume in it.

If you are having trouble start using perfume free detergents.

Kutilek says that eczema usually comes with a triad of medical conditions they include Allergic Rhinitis, Eczema and Asthma.  People with eczema and Asthma have allergy induced flair ups.

If an infant has wide spread eczema it's a milk allergy or a soy protein intolerance.    But a baby can also have a corn intolerance.

Dr. Michael Johnson with the Hastings Family Practice says he's seeing patients with bronchitis and sinus infections, but he has still not seen any cases of influenza this season.