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Updated: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:40:45 CST

Some people are struggling with some pretty severe illnesses here in central Nebraska.

News 5's Ginger ten Bensel has more in this week's edition of What's Going Around.

Dr. Michael Johnson with the Hastings Family Practice says he seeing patients with bronchitis, sinus infections and gastroenteritis.

Johnson also spoke about a case of measles that was discovered in California.  Johnson says he has not heard of any cases of measles in the area.

He says the measles shot should be protective.

But if you have any concerns... Johnson says to get an antibody titer test done to find out if you immune or not.

Dr. Janice Kutilek with the Grand Island Clinic says that she has never seen a case of measles in her office.

Kutilek did say though that she had to hospitalize two young patients with Influenza A.

They were also suffering from pneumonia.  Both kids had an upper respiratory cold about a week ago.  Then they started developing a fever followed by influenza.

Kutilek says that when a fever occurs you then have to worry about a secondary bacterial infection.  She says that if you have a fever of one hundred and one degrees and a cold, you need to see a doctor.

She also had three patients with strep throat.  They had red eyes.

Red eyes can be a symptom of a number of different illnesses including the flu and the adno virus.

She also says that if you've seen the doctor for an upper respiratory infection and you feel worse after taking antibiotics, you need to go back to the doctor in case the illness has turned into something else.

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With what's going around I'm Ginger ten Bensel news 5.