What's Going Around

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Updated: Mon, 03 Mar 2014 07:08:43 CST

Dr. Michael Johnson with the Hastings Family Practice says he's seeing patients with pink eye.

Symptoms of pink eye include red, mattery, runny eyes with minor pain and itching.

Plus he's seeing Strep throat...bronchitis...sinus infection and gastroenteritis.

Dr. Janice Kutilek with the Grand Island Clinic says she is seeing respiratory illnesses and sinusitis.

It's the common cold gone rogue.

If you have a cold for two weeks... it could be sinusitis.

Symptoms include a yellowish green discharge... face pain and pressure and a runny nose that won't quit.

Kutilek cautions that in the past, March has been a peek month for severe illnesses.

She also spoke about measles.

There are cases of measles in Hawaii, California and now the east coast.

Massachusetts Health officials are so concerned that they are asking anyone who even passed through two Boston area businesses to be aware of the risks of catching measles and make sure they know how to deal with it.

One of the businesses is making sure all of its employees are vaccinated.

There have been no reported cases of measles in Nebraska but Kutilek says get immunized, things spread quickly.

With what's going around I'm Ginger ten Bensel news 5.