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Updated: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 02:04:53 CST

A number of central Nebraskans are suffering from Fevers and Strep Throat.

News 5's Ginger ten Bensel has more in this week's edition of What's Going Around.

Dr. Janice Kutilek with the Grand Island Clinic is seeing strep throat with headaches, stomach aches and fevers.

Croup is also a problem. Symptoms include a hoarse barking cough, swelling in the voice box, a runny nose and fever.

And Fevers themselves are an issue. Patients have temperatures higher than 101 degrees and viral respiratory illnesses are going around.

Plus a mumps outbreak at Ohio State University is causing concern.

Nationwide more than thirty cases have been reported in a dozen states including Colorado.

Kutilek says mumps can be serious because the illness can cause infertility in teenage boys.

So check your immunization records.

Dr. Michael Johnson with the Hastings Family Practice says he's seeing bronchitis

And asthma flare–ups induced by colds and allergies.

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month.  Ninety percent of the people who suffer from this cancer are fifty and older.

Johnson says anyone in that age group, or younger with a family history, needs to have an up–to–date colonoscopy.