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Updated: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 09:25:02 CST

Treating grown-ups and babies are totally different. In this week's special edition of What's Going Around, Ginger ten Bensel has some tips for new parents... including something you can do at home that could get your little one feeling better.

Dr. Janice Kutilek with the Grand Island Clinic talked about why some newborn babies may be extra fussy.

In this case... the baby may be experiencing something called reflux.

If they are spitting up, it's important to look at the babies stool and see if it's normal or not.

If it doesn't look right contact your doctor.

The baby may be gassy and the child's belly may be bloated, and the little one may also have loose stools.

With these symptoms, if the mother is breast feeding, she should eliminate dairy products from her diet.

The reason to stay away from anything made with cows' milk is that the baby's symptoms are likely caused by an allergic reaction... and it could be a potential form of lactose intolerance.

If your baby is sick and vomiting and suffering from a viral stomach flu, Jell-O water is known for calming the stomach.

And it acts as a good source of rehydration.

Simply mix a box of Jell-O with the normal boiling and lukewarm water and put it in a bottle.  Just don't refrigerate it.

Keeping your baby hydrated is vital... whether it's with Jell-O water...
or with something else such as Pedialyte. 

Ask your doctor for direction on how you might be able to calm your fussy baby.