What's Going Around: Allergies, sore throats, gastroenteritis

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:32:13 CST

Sore throats and gastroenteritis are going around. Dr. Michael Johnson with the Hastings Family Practice says that he's seeing late summer allergies, viral respiratory infections, sore throats and coughs. Dr. Janice Kutilek with the Grand Island clinic says she's seeing patients under the age of two dealing with a fever. There are no cold symptoms, no vomiting, the children have a fever only. Kutilek says the children she has been seeing with a fever are whiny, with a poor appetite and a fever up to 103 degrees. She says if your child has a fever of greater than 101 degrees the child needs to be seen by a doctor, especially if the child is less than two years old. Kutilek says in that case she worries it could be a urinary tract infection, strep throat, tonsillitis or a virus. With a viral-related fever staying well hydrated is important and a low grade fever actually helps fight the virus. Kutliek is also seeing patients with gastroenteritis and tonsillitis. Kutilek says with school in session there are more illnesses in the air. So, make sure you cover your mouth when you cough with your elbow so your hands stay clean Kutilek says stay home if you are sick or if you have a fever greater than 100 degrees.