Winner Takes All has parties divided

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Updated: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 08:54:23 CST

In the 2008 presidential election, 4 of Nebraska’s electoral votes went to John McCain while 1 went to Barak Obama.  Now one State Senator is working to change that.

Senator Charlie Janssen introduced the bill that would make Nebraska a winner take all state.  But today on the floor instead of debating electoral votes, the discussion revolved around political parties. 

“The “repelicans” want everything.  They win the statewide offices, they are the majority in the legislature, they got the Governor,” said State Senator Ernie Chambers, District 11 on the Senate floor. 

On Wednesday, the two day filibuster on LB382 continued with no end in sight.  Senator Chambers has promised to take the bill through the full eight hours of debate.  

LB382 would change the state of Nebraska’s presidential elector system to a winner take all approach.  Nebraska is currently only one of two states that divides it’s electoral votes: 2 for the statewide winner and one each for the winner of Nebraska’s three districts.  

And while Senator Janssen calls his bill common sense, it has the parties divided. 

“What’s the incentive to a candidate to come here?  One could argue both sides of that, but as a candidate for President if I were, I would want to go somewhere where I could get the most bang for my buck,” said State Senator Charlie Janssen, District 15.

“There was so much excitement in Nebraska in 2008 when these varied electoral votes were at play.  There was a significant influx of money and economic activity,” said State Senator Danielle Conrad, District 46.

Senator Jannsen who is a republican says it is not the republican party making this bill a partisan vote, but Senator Conrad says she disagrees.