World Series-Whitey Richardson

Former Red Sox Whitey Richardson on World Series

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Updated: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 08:50:37 CST

The first pitch of Game One of the 2013 World Series will happen shortly as the St. Louis Cardinals are in Beantown to take on the Boston Red Sox in the first of the best of seven.

It's a special time for a Grand Island native who used to play for one of those teams.

As the Red Sox get set to play in their 3rd World Series since 2004, Whitey Richardosn thinks back to 1993 when he played for the Red Sox with such superstars as Roger Clemens and Mo Vaughn.

Long since retired from his brief big league career in which he also played for the Reds and Pirates, Whitey looks forward to seeing his former team take on the Redbirds as do his softball playing daughters.

"My girls love the Red Sox, so that makes me even a bigger Red Sox fan so I'm for the Red Sox obviously but I do like the Cardinals a lot. We were for the Pirates on the National League side when they got beat, the Cardinals were the next thing, I guess,", Whitey Richardson said.

And while Whitey likes the Red Sox, his vast conncetion as a former big leaguer is linked to the Cardinals as well.

I know a couple of trainers with the Cardinals. I just saw them the other night on TV and the bench coach was my Triple A coach when I played, Joe Pelini–who's a good guy and so because of that I wouldn't care so much if the Cardianls won at least its somebody I know.

As you'll see is the World Series, Whitey thinks of what it would have been like for him to actually play in a World Series.

"You know, the World Series is a whole nother dream, everybody dreams of that even major league players, they dream of playing in the World Series, it's a big deal for them, it's as big as it gets,", Whitey said.

As for the series itself, Whitey looks for a down to the wire thrilling classic that could be one of the most memoable World Series of all time.

"I think it's going to be a great one, I think you get the best team in the National League versus the best team in the American League. I think they had identical records. I look for a great series, I look for it to go 7 unlike you're taling 4 or 5  like you're looking for, Ed."