York High School Marching Band filmed for halftime hype video

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 09:11:27 CST

The York High School Marching Band may be spending some time in the spotlight along with Lee Brice. 

They played a major role yesterday in Pepsi's Super Bowl halftime hype video shoot.

The video production team says they can't say for sure if the band will make the cut...

But there's plenty of shots with them in it so it's more than likely.

York High School's Principal learned of the event 3 weeks ago.

He had a tough time keeping it a secret but got the job done.

Students couldn't know the event had anything to do with Pepsi or the Super Bowl.

And at first he even thought it might have been a hoax.

"At first I was like, okay, no way, who is this?” Principal Mitch Bartholomew said. “Then I started asking some questions and it turned out to be the real thing."

The York Band performed several times throughout the day.

If they make the cut, they'll be included in the online promotional video.